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Penuptra is a small .UK registrar and domain reseller. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have

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Complaints Policy

At Penuptra our primary focus is maintaining absolute customer satisfaction through sustainable pricing, proactively managed services and investment . Sometimes we may fall short of the high standards we and our customers expect from us. If this happens it's important that we are able to take on customer feedback and concerns and use this to improve our service.

Step 1: If you've not already been in touch regarding your concern, the first step is our standard channels; most issues we can resolve very quickly as soon as you get in touch. You can get in touch via: Email:

Step 2: If you have already contacted us, and we've not been able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, the next step is to submit a Formal Complaint. All complaints MUST be made in writing. This is to ensure we're able to properly address and investigate your concerns and provide a full response. Complaints can be submitted by email to, or alternatively you can submit your complaint in writing to: Suite 20 179 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AG

You should ensure you include as much information about the issue as possible, this might include:
Name of the staff member you spoke with on the phone
Date & time when issues occured or when you called
Details about the problem, how it started, what you did and any other relevant details
Providing as much information as possible helps us to quickly investigate and fully understand the situation, what happened, what/if anything went wrong and how we can then try to resolve your complaint. Screenshots where appropriate What we will do: We will review all complaints within 72 hours and provide an initial response while they investigate the issue. Depending on the type of issue, it may be necessary for the complaint to be passed to the Manager. You will be informed of who is handling your complaint and their role in the investigation. We will then provide a full reply to the complaint within 10 working days. Step 3: If the response does not meet your satisfaction, you may request that the complaint be escalated for review. All complaints are taken seriously and will be reviewed, investigated and responded to fairly and thoroughly.

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Domain Renewal

When you register a .uk domain name the domain name is registered to you for a period of one to ten years, after which you will have the opportunity to renew it for a further period of time. Domain names are subject to renewal to ensure that those that are no longer wanted are removed from the register database and become available for others to use. Penuptra will contact you in advance of the renewal date to check whether you wish to renew your domain name. If Penuptra does not renew your domain name before its expiry Nominet will send you an email to notify you that the domain name has reached its expiry date (the anniversary of its registration or last renewal date) and is due for renewal. The email contains contact details for your registrar to help you to renew the domain name. N.B. In the vast majority of cases, the point of cancellation is approximately 92 days after expiry If a renewal request is not received within 30 days of expiry the domain name will be suspended. Seven days before suspension we will send you a suspension warning. When the domain name is suspended we will send you a suspension notice. Throughout this period it is still possible to renew your domain name. When a domain name is suspended all services that use the domain name will stop working. This means that your web site at that domain name will not work and any email using the domain name will not be delivered. After a 60 day suspension period the domain name will be put into a cancellation schedule. Cancellation occurs randomly at some point after entering the schedule. Once cancelled, the domain name will then be immediately available for re-registration by someone else. At any point during the suspension, your registrar can renew the domain name for you and the suspension will be lifted. One final reminder will be sent to you 83 days after the expiry date: this will be seven days before the domain name is scheduled for cancellation, so you will need to act quickly if you wish to renew it at this stage. If you know that you no longer require your domain name you can ask us to mark it as 'renewal not required'. This stops us from sending you the renewal


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Service Level Commitments

Whilst we aim to respond to all support queries within 2 working days, in most cases we will respond within 24 hours. In the very rare circumstances that we can not respond immediately to your query, you will receive an acknowledgement with an estimated timeframe for resolution. Our prefered method of contact for support queries is via our Contact Page, or by emailing


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